Facts & Figures

  • Only 12% of people are left-handed, and males are twice as likely as females to be left-handed.
  • Left-handed people are, on average, 15% richer than right-handed people.
  • On the other hand (heh heh), left-handed people are 3x more likely than right-handed people to struggle with alcohol addiction.
  • Four of the last seven U.S. presidents have been left-handed.
  • Some notable lefties include Michelangelo, Bill Gates, Marie Curie, David Bowie, and Mark Twain. (So you’re in good company!)

1. Smart Phones

The “accessibility” category in your smartphone’s settings menu should have options that make it easier for lefties to access different parts of the screen. iPhones have a left-handed keyboard you may want to check out.

iPhone Accessibility Menu
Android Accessibility Menu

2. Computer Mouse

If you would prefer to use your computer mouse with your left hand, you can easily change the mouse settings. Set it so that the right-side button is the primary button for selecting, and set the left-side button as the secondary button.

Hot to change the primary mouse button – Windows 10

3. Voice Typing

Whether you are left or right handed being able to voice type will have its advantages. Most left handers struggle with written text and often develop the ability to write later in life. Voice typing can really help build a writers confidence and ability. Applications such as Dragon Professional are best however most major operating systems now come kitted out with free to use dictation services.

4. Dining

Sit at the left edge of a dining table if you can! That way your left elbow won’t be knocking into someone else’s right elbow.

5. Shop at Lefty’s

Did you know there is a shop dedicated to selling products for left-handed people. They have lots of products including technology products to choose from. Check it out at Lefty’s (leftys.com.au).