Is does not matter if you are a home user or a small business your computers are vulnerable to viruses, adware and malware when searching the internet.  Therefore you need internet security to protect your computer assets from these malicious software sources.

There are many different companies that develop antivirus software (ESET, Norton, Kaspersky, etc).  Some provide better protection than others.  We only supply solutions from vendors that provide the best protection for our customers systems.

There are also different types of solutions.  The first are those that you purchase from a retail store such as Officeworks or Harvey Norman which are most common.  The second type is managed antivirus.  With managed antivirus the status of your antivirus software running on your computer is reported back to a central console and if your antivirus is not up to date an alert is raised.  In most cases the problem can be resolved remotely with no contact with you but in come circumstances we need to contact you to resolve the problem.

If you are looking for a complete solution for your computer then we can provide a solution that not only manages your antivirus software but also monitors your computer ensuring it has the latest Windows Updates, Backups are successful, Antivirus is up to date, there is sufficient disk space.

The solutions we provide are:

Standalone Security (ESET)

ESET has been recommended by Choice for the past two years but we have been recommending it for over five years. In our opinion it is the best on the market.

Managed Security

If you want the ultimate security for your computer, then you need Managed Security. Managed security not only provides protection when you are online but also ensures your computer has the most up to date Windows and third party security patched as well as making sure your Internet Security is functioning and reports any computer health issues to our monitoring dashboard. We will resolve any minor issues that can be resolved remotely and let you know if there are any major issues that need to be resolved.

The major components of the Managed Security solution are:

Patch Management

Checks to ensure that your computer has the latest security patches from Microsoft and other sources.

Managed Antivirus

Internet security that scans your files for vulnerabilities and reports to our management console when your virus definitions are out of date or a scan has not been performed in the last week.  We fix the problem without interaction from you.

Web Filtering

Actively checks the websites you visit are safe and stops you going to unsafe websites or websites with inappropriate content.

Device Health Checks

Daily monitoring of the operation of critical components of your computer such as:

  • Disk space
  • Hard drive health
  • Antivirus updated
  • Critical system events
  • Backup completed