Choosing the right computer for your needs can be very difficult. Your IT Guardian will discuss how you use your computer so we match the computer/s to your needs so that you get the most from it.

Your IT Guardian does not just sell computers, we also sell Office 365, Internet Security, mice, keyboards, monitors, modems, network switches, Wi-Fi extenders, webcams, tablets, portable hard drives, printers, and much more.


We realise you cannot afford to have your computer down for a significant length of time. Your IT Guardian is trained all aspects of hardware and hard drive replacement, Internet connectivity issues, computers that won’t turn on, computers running slow, blue screening and the removal of viruses.

If your computer is not working properly give Your IT Guardian a call, and have a chat with us. We might need you to install Team Viewer so that we can have a look at your computer remotely or we may need to come on-site. Either way there is no charge for us to look at your computer, we will provide you with a free quote and only fix your problem with your consent.

At the completion of any repair that requires the computer to be opened, it will be tested and tag before returned to you. This is in line with the requirements (AS/NZS3760:2010, clause 2.1). Your IT Guardian is certified to do this.


Sometimes all that is needed to fix your computer is an upgrade. Your IT Guardian will assess the storage and memory on your computer and provide options for you, this may include the cost of a new computer. This is because some computers are simply to old for new technology. If this is the case Your IT Guardian will provide you with advice based on how you use your computer. But don’t worry if you do need a new computer we will make sure everything you need from your old computer is transferred across. See New Device Set-up.