As organizations increasingly move data into cloud-based applications, many believe that traditional best practices such as data backup are outdated. After all, SaaS applications are always available, accessible from anywhere, and highly redundant, so why is backup necessary?

An astonishing 1 in 3 companies report losing data stored in cloud-based applications. The single leading cause of this data loss? End-user error.

Other common culprits include:

  • Malware or ransomware attacks
  • Malicious end-user activity
  • Accidental data overrides
  • Canceled account subscriptions

With more and more companies depending on Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace for collaboration and business operations, these risks are impossible to ignore. Backup is just as important in the cloud as in traditional on-premises IT systems. An independent, third-party, SaaS backup solution is the best way to protect organizations against the most common data loss pitfalls

Microsoft and Google have statements in their Service Agreements that recommend implementing a cloud backup solution.

“Microsoft is not liable for data loss due to application outages.

Microsoft is also not liable for data loss due to deprovisioned user accounts.

We recommend that you regularly backup your Content and Data that you store on the services or store using Third-Party Apps and Services.”

“You have a limited time from when the data was permanently deleted to restore files and messages. After that, the data cannot be recovered and is gone forever.”

“Any file that is put into a Google Drive trash will be automatically deleted after 30 days. Previously, trashed items would be retained indefinitely until the trash was emptied by the user.” (Source: Google)

Your IT Guardian can implement Acronis Cyber Protect for your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace subscription.