A windows server is a great way to centrally manage the computers and resources on your network such as printer and file shares. With a server you can:

  • Reset a user’s password if they forget it.
  • Disable a staff member’s access so they cannot access your network after they leave.
  • Update settings on the computer when a user logs on such as adding a new mapped network drive or adding a new printer.
  • Save all your company files on the server so they can be accessed by multiple staff.
  • Manage permissions on shared folders e.g. only the accounts department has access to accounts files but the sales department cannot access them.
  • Backup critical business documents to a local or off-site location.
  • Setup a Virtual Private Network (VPN) so staff outside your network can access the files on the server while maintaining security permissions.
  • And much more.

If you have files located on each computer in your business that are not backed up then you are at risk of loosing these files. Consider installing a server so you can better manage your business network.

Your IT Guardian can assess your business needs and recommend a Windows server solution for your business.