Let’s be honest, we have all experienced that horrible feeling when you suddenly realise that you can’t access your pictures, music and important documents.  Sometimes there there is no warning about the impending loss and other times we don’t see the warning signs.

When this happens, contact Your IT Guardian as we may be able to recover some of your files, if not all of them.  Just because you can’t find something on your computer doesn’t necessarily mean it’s lost forever.

Your IT Guardian has a variety of methods and tools designed to retrieve as many of your files back as possible. Whether your files are on a working Hard Drive or a damaged Hard Drive, we can assess the disk for you and let you know if it is possible to retrieve any files.

Once we recover your files, we will perform a free health check on your PC and advise you of any additional hardware or software upgrades that maybe needed, before we re-install any of your files.  This way we try to protect you from the same issue again.