Apparently there are now over 250 MILLION domain names registered out there in internet-land. That’s …um … a lot, especially when you consider that they all have to have “officially prescribed” domain suffixes, e.g.

.com for common commercial entities
.org for non-profit organisations
.net for internet=related business
.gov for government agencies

And maybe a dozen others.

This begs the question: aren’t we going to run out of meaningful names pretty soon? And the answer is yes!

So to that end, the ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) have decreed that about 300 common english words will now be “ratified” for use as domain suffixes! So now the people at say, “” can now just have “garys.gumboots“. Other available words include:

.accountant, .dentist, .technology, .builders, .coffee, .cricket, .finance, .healthcare, .mortgage, .pizza, .plumbing ….. ….. ….

The list goes on! This has the potential to be the biggest disruptor of internet growth since the invention of the domain name! Experts claim that domain registrations will DOUBLE by the end of the decade.

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