The Outlook 2016 user  interface hasn’t changed much, but it has some great new features. For example, when attaching a file to an email, you’ll get the option to copy it to the cloud. This not only makes it easier to find in the future, it also means that people can collaborate on one version of a file instead of constantly sending each other updates.

Outlook also has a new email filtered category called Clutter, which intelligently tries to identify messages that might not be spam, but still rate low on your importance radar.

For Word users, you now have the ability to use “Live Typing” – watching colleagues collaborate on a shared Word document before your very eyes!

Word 2016 also features “Tell me”, a new way to find the exact button you’re looking for, without having to plow int the settings. A bit like Clippy in Word98, only less annoying!

PowerPoint 2016 now has a full range of editing tools, making it easier than ever to develop a visual style that suits your subject matter.

Excel is better at integrating new data. Microsoft has tweaked Excel 2016 to be more efficient in the ‘Big Data’ world.

Excel 2016 includes Power Query as a standard feature. It also integrates completely with Power BI, Microsoft’s online tool for visualising data and using personalised dashboards to track key data metrics.