Organizations use Microsoft SharePoint to create internal collaboration websites. You can use SharePoint as a secure place to store, organise, share, and access information from any device. All you need is a web browser, such as Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Firefox.


In the past many companies stored their documents on a Windows Server in shared folders with specific staff access so only the staff who needed access to certain shared documents could access them. i.e. HR had access to staff remuneration files but general staff did not. The server was backed up locally to an external hard drive.

In SharePoint the same folder security can be implemented by creating SharePoint Sites. You may have a Admin Site and and Staff Site. The Admin Site may have document libraries for HR, Business Management, etc, so the documents are filed in a logical manner. The Staff Site can also have document libraries to organise the files.

SharePoint is a great tool to document business processes and share business news and events. Using the SharePoint website your staff will have access to the information about your organisation from anywhere in the world. Documents can also be accessed and modified via the website.


OneDrive is a Microsoft Cloud syncronisation application that enables you to syncronise your files across multiple computers via a cloud service. OneDrive is used for individual staff files, not shared business files. SharePoint is the solution for shared business files.

Link to OneDrive

If you prefer to access your SharePoint files using Windows File Explorer, you can login to SharePoint online and link SharePoint document libraries to OneDrive. Then you only need to use OneDrive on your computer to access your personal OneDrive files and the shared business files stored in SharePoint.


If you are worried that your SharePoint or OneDrive files are not backed up we have a solution that automatically backs up each staff’s Exchange mailbox, OneDrive and SharePoint to another cloud service with one year retention.

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