Are you tired of the constant costs of IT problems?

Is downtime getting you down?

Are dead computers going to be the death of you?

The answer is simple. Managed Services!
There are two types of IT support in this world:

  • Remedial – where stuff gets fixed after its broken, and you get the nasty bill!)
  • Preventative – where problems are preempted and headed off before they become costly, by regular monitoring and maintenance. Just like servicing a car!

Obviously some things cannot be foreseen, but for the most part, managed services offers many benefits:

  • control over your monthly IT expenditure (you know what you’re up for)
  • reduced downtime (things just aren’t wearing out or failing unexpectedly)
  • greater productivity from systems that are performing in a healthy fashion
  • peace of mind knowing things are being monitored by experts 24/7

We can offer a range of “Proactive Care” managed services packages for home and business, starting from just $9 per computer per month! Please contact us today for more info

Prevention is better than cure …
… and its cheaper too!