When is International Computer Security Day?

International Computer Security Day occurs every 30, November.

When did International Computer Security Day first emerge?

It commenced in 1988. It’s inception closely followed an attack on ARPANET – the internet’s predecessor- that harmed 10% of connected computers. The Association for Computer Machinery (ACM) first inaugurated the holiday.

Why was International Computer Security Day created?

International Computer Security Day is designed to raise awareness about cyber security issues. It also helps people maintain online security. For example, many people reuse passwords, but a fair number of those individuals may not know that reusing passwords means that a hacker is more likely to gain access to their credit card number than otherwise. Taking the time to review password security best practices can help individuals avoid compromised credit cards and other unwanted scenarios.

National Computer Security Day empowers people to take ownership of their online presence and identity.

What can you do?

International Computer Security Day is a great time to review the security of your organisation. Here are some suggested activities:

  • Review Administrator login accounts and enable MFA.
  • Implement Internet Security software on all computers.
  • Implement a password manager that can generate and store strong passwords.
  • Raise awareness with staff.
  • Review your systems and ensure high risks assets have strong passwords.
  • Change passwords if you have not in the last year or so.

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