We all have hundreds of usernames and passwords to login to websites.  Chances are your password contains your pets name or your date of birth.  This is because these are things you can remember.  Even worse, once you have determined the strongest and easiest password to remember you use it as the password for all your websites.  This is not secure as once a hacker has cracked the password to one of your logins they will use the same password on all your other websites and will be able to gain access to many of your websites.  So how do you remember all the usernames and passwords for all your websites.  The simple answer is you don’t and you install a password manager.

A password manager is an application that you install that interacts with your browser (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc) that can generate secure passwords and remember the passwords to all your websites.  All you need to do is remember one master password and the password manager will do the rest.  The passwords to all your websites are stored away encrypted using your master password.  This means that no-one can access your passwords except you.

We login to many websites on a daily basis so a password manager is a must for security.  We use LastPass which is one of the best password managers around.

PC Magazine has a great article on The Best Password Managers of 2017.  It compares the top 10 password managers and provides a rating for each.  LastPass received the highest 5-star rating. Your IT Guardian is not affiliated with LastPass.

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