This advice comes from researchers at and it’s rather grim. As per their recent survey of ransomware victims in 2016:

  • 77% said the attacks bypassed their email filtering solutions
  • 95% of the attacks bypassed their firewalls (not surprising since ransomware is “allowed in” by unsuspecting users
  • 52% bypassed malware solutions that were in place
  • as for cash losses, 32% of victims said they were out of pocket $US100,000 to $US500,000 because of the attack!
  • Following the attacks, 65% of victims undertook security awareness training and 57% invested in better protection mechanisms and policies

Basically, ransomware is cybercrime’s most profitable business! Largely because most organisations do not have the right solutions to combat it.

Are you next? Where are your vulnerabilities? If you don’t know, then let us provide you with an audit and sound security readiness measures.

If you feel you’ve been the victim of an online fraud attempt, PLEASE REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY to ACORN (Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network)